About Company

SC «Megatrans» is a company that deals with development and management of inner and outer projects; realization of the commercial real estate; provision for the vital activity of the Palma Group asset complexes. The major company customers are: Maersk Logistics, nationwide network of the building supermarkets “Novaya Liniya” (“New Line”)

General Manager
Sergey L. Filippskiy

15 June, 1995 Sergey L. Filippskiy appointed to a manager of the “Medpharcom” Company.

25 June, 1995 he was appointed to a senior manager and in a month – the Executive Director. In three years Sergey L. Filippskiy occupied the position of the General Manager in the “Medpharcom” Company, and after six months he received a proposal to become a head of SC “Megatrans”. Today Sergey L. Filippskiy is the General Manager of “Megatrans”, the company which renders outsourcing services (design, development, and projects monitoring).


  • 24 February, 1999 — SC “Megatrans” founded.
  • 2001 — document design of the pharmaceuticals production and logistics complex in Odessa city.
  • 2002 — fulfillment of the 1st stage logistics complex construction activity in Odessa city
  • 2003 — putting into commission the 1st stage of the logistics complex in Odessa city- 4 000 sq.m.
  • 2003 — document design and beginning of the 2nd stage construction activity of logistics complex in Odessa city
  • 2004 — putting into commission the 2nd stage of the logistics complex in Odessa city — 6 000 sq. м;
  • 2005 — document design of the 3rd stage of logistics complex construction activity in Odessa city
  • 2007 — completion of the large scale national project “Novaya Liniya” (“New Line”)
  • 2009 — project development and the beginning of the Office and Warehousing department building in Odessa